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The foundation was established by Sayling Wen in 2003. Ted Wen became the Chairman in 2008, and set the Foundation’s vision as “becoming an essential portal for the world to see Taiwan” in the three core realms of culture, tourism, and innovation. The dual missions of the iSee Taiwan Foundation are to successfully market Taiwan’s unique character and heritage globally and to make the world Taiwan’s service market. The foundation focuses on exploring, integrating, and promoting the culture and friendly nature of people and places throughout Taiwan, with the goal of creating more opportunities for Taiwan’s service industry by steadily increasing the number of inbound visitors from abroad.


Mr. Ted Wen, the incumbent Chairman of the Sayling Wen Cultural and Educational Foundation, has declared three core principles for the foundation: Education, Innovation, and Care.

Pivoted around these core values is his vision “To provide talents for future society.” Going forward, the four pillars of the foundation will be embedding the Chinese cultural education in primary and secondary schools. Enhancing the career skills and a teamwork mindset of vocational and college students, promoting lifelong learning in the community, and advocating service innovation in order to boost industry competitiveness.

While Taiwan continues on its way toward a sophisticated service economy, the Foundation will also continue to devote every effort to promote these four pillars. With the aim to breed new service talents, enhance industry competitiveness, and play a key role to enable Taiwan’s transformation.

Global Talent
Design Festival

The Global Talent Design Festival, was inaugurated in 2015, it is an Asian based design event that is organized by the iSee Taiwan Foundation.The Global Talent Design Festival (GTDF) was created as a vehicle to promote the Taiwan International Student Design Competition (TISDC), which is now entering its tenth year.Having developed a global sustainable network, which interlinks designers, industry, design organizations and young talent.The GTDF leverages global resources and relationships within design, in order to support the advancement of the design community.

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